Moving Your Body and Mind Forward

Years are arbitrary constructs of time. This is true. However, they’re also constructs that hold a lot of meaning for many people, and acknowledging that meaning is necessary and important. Many of the things we give weight to are quite arbitrary; though our reasons have their own internal, personal logic, they don’t always have the universal, ironclad “rightness” that we assume they do. This is a very long way around of saying that I’m not the sort of person that makes New Year’s resolutions, or necessarily thinks about the start of a new year as a special delineation of time to mark life events or changes, but at the same time, the events of the past year have illuminated some truths that I want to reflect on and use to evolve the mission of 99% Fit.

Recently, my roommate had a friend over who is an ardent believer in astrology (something I don’t believe in, but I am interested in how other people find meaning in it). He said that 2016 was “the year of completion” – a time when cycles would come to an end and new ones would begin. Whether you believe that the alignment of the planets has any effect on global politics, sociological issues, or even the mundanity of our day to day lives, you can’t deny that that idea provides an interesting perspective on the events of the past year while also laying out a framework for how we should all think about moving forward.

Many standard bearers for powerful art left the world this year, while global politics gave way to fear-driven, anti-intellectual, and nationalist trends. It’s become abundantly clear that it’s time for a new generation of leaders across industries and disciplines to step into the light and take up the mantle for progress and positive change.

What does all of this mean for fitness? Well, we’ve spoken extensively on 99% Fit over the last year about how an active life not only makes your body healthier, but also makes you more emotionally resilient and even more innovative. To fight the tidal wave of hateful nationalism and create the types of solutions that will bring equality, peace, and beauty to the world, we need to ensure that our minds and bodies are in the best shape possible. We can’t afford to let ourselves succumb to the types of habits that will only compound the external stressors we’re all sure to face. And for the joyful moments and periods of success, we want to be as emotionally and physically present as possible to take them in and fully experience them.

This year, I encourage all of you to take the time and effort to care for your physical and mental health, in whatever ways make the most sense for you and your journey. If you’re not sure how best to do that, or even if you are and you’re looking for new ideas, peruse previous blog posts here and the 2015 99% stories here.

May all the coming chapters of your life – no matter how you measure them – be filled with light, strength, and wellness.