Two Sense is the brainchild of the mother-daughter duo Suzette and Whitney Bryan.  Frustrated with a lot of advice dispensed in popular culture, the two decided to team up and see if they could offer a more thoughtful alternative.  Two Sense provides two perspectives on your problems - some common sense thoughts from Whitney, followed by Suzette's counsel informed by years of academic knowledge and research into how and why people communicate with each other.

Whitney Bryan   is a Senior Strategic Planner at an advertising agency in NYC.  She may not have a Ph.D., but she tries to figure out how to sell people things for a living - so she has some experience studying human behavior.


Suzette Bryan  holds a Ph.D in Speech Communications from LSU.  She's currently the Senior Manager of Corporate Training and Development at pharmaceutical company, where she helps employees develop and reach their full potential.  Before that, she taught organizational and interpersonal communications classes at Southeastern Louisiana University - where she famously taught "Communications in Romantic Relationships" (the class was so popular, her students would come to her office hours for advice!)